Is religion really a reason to be in denial of your true self?

Derya's strictly religious family from Turkey abandoned her, when they found out that Derya expressed romantic feelings for another woman. Since that day on Derya struggles with her inner conflicts; torn between the constraints of her religion  and the love to her Partner. She is imprisoned in her own emotional Chaos, this drives her to  rash and impulse decisions.

In this fragile state of mind Derya is tempted to try magic mushrooms. She dives into an abstract world, far from reality, in order to confront her problems and proceed on a journey to find her own truth.



Title: Underneath

Filmtype: Short, Student

Runtime:  15 -20 Minutes

Genre: Drama, Experimental, Queer

Country of Filming: Germany 

Language: English

Subtitles: English, German

Shooting Dates: July 2019