Lena always had a passion for turning the stories in her head into strong visuals. She started her first own homemade projects at the young age of 12. At the age of 21, she decided to study film in Berlin, where she specialized in directing and screenwriting. During her studies she wrote and directed three short films - one documentary about a trans*woman and a drag queen in Berlin (I Am Every Woman, 2017), and two short films: Mirage (2017), and Out of Order (2017). Lena enjoys to expiriment with visuals, touch on topics that are relatable and encorperates elements of the thriller genre. "Mirage" was nominated for the Baltic Film Art Festival, and "I Am Every Woman" was nominated for the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. 



Our DoP John has over a decade of experience shooting for narrative, commercial, doc and both live and taped shows. Comfortable helming large productions or working with a small team with limited resources, his lighting, and camera work pulls from classic techniques while utilizing the newest resources available in the industry. John focuses heavily on how the cinematography can bring the story to life and works to achieve the director's vision. He brings his knowledge from his experience on a variety of productions for Netflix, PBS, NBC, Bravo, HGTV and MTV.





Our producer Guy was born and raised in south Israel. Growing up in a family which included not only music and stage artists, but also famous television personalities in the Israeli film and TV industry, Guy has always been inspired by the creative arts of the filmmaking industry. Gaining years of experience problem solving and operating under pressure serving in the Isreali Military, Guy moved to Berlin to attend SAE Filmmaking Institute and carried his career into producing for short films and commercials in Berlin. Guy is the Swiss Army Knife that is needed as a producer; he brings the tools to handle all aspects needed in for a successful production. 


Kristin is a talented and passionate editor. She is always ready to step outside of her comfort zone and face new challenges, which makes her work very remarkable. Kristin has edited and worked in post-production with all of Lena Weller’s short films so far - they have become a great creative team that works very well together. Kristin also studied film in Berlin, specializing in Post-Production. Right after graduating she also worked for 'bildundtonfabrik' in Cologne and has now returned to Berlin at 'Studio Hamburg Postproduction'.


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