What are the goals of this project? Who is the target audience?

Although we live in a much more progressed, open world Even, there are still many many people facing conflicts just like Derya: struggling with one's self expression and sexuality, while still beimg captured in norms that religion and culture set us. However, there are enough people who find their peace with both; their sexuality and their religious beliefs. That's part of what we want to tell with this shortfilm. People of all sexes and with any type of sexual orientation can be addressed with this shortfilm, but especially people part of the LGBTQ+ Community are part of the target audience.

Why should you support the project?

We are a non-budget production, which means that this project is depending on the amount of support we can get from you! Filmmaking is our passion and we want to do our best in producing the shortfilm regardless. Even if we do not reach our ultimate funding goal, we want to try to make it happen with what we do have. But to give our creatvity more freedom, any type of support and any little donation is defnitely appreciated!

What happens to the money once the funding goal is reached?

Every euro will give us more freedom to our creativity in producing this shortfilm. The money will help us to get the needed high quality equipment (lighting, cameralenses etc.). Also we will use the money for locations, catering, transport, make-up, costumes, set-design and festival fees.

Who is involved in the project?

Celine Yildirim and Maria Zanlungo will play the leading roles. Lena Weller, John McClellan and Kristin Scherlitz-Hofmann will be the team behind the Camera. Check out the Crew & Cast section on our page for more info!

What happens to my money if the funding goal is not reached?

You will get your money back! If the (first) funding goal is not reached, you don't have to worry about your money it will be booked right back to your account.